Teatro Zinzanni

Mat Plendl of Teatro Zinzanni

It was one of the best Christmas gifts ever, a family outing to Teatro Zinzanni in San Francisco. The  tag line is “Love, Chaos, Dinner.” And it’s true.

It’s like dinner theatre/circus. Every act is spot on, funny when it’s supposed to be funny, amazing when it’s supposed to amaze, and always entertaining. All this and they feed you too!

Marina Luna

There was juggling, trapeze, singing, dancing, clowns, even hula hooping. All the artists were phenomenal. The professionalism, energy, and grace with which they performed was amazing. It was so enchanting and fast paced that I didn’t have time to do any sketching, so I had to sketch from memory when I came home.

My favorite act was Marina Luna, an aerial artist who has a terrific dance on the rope. I would love to sit and draw her as she worked on the ropes, and would love to get her to model for a portrait.

If I were younger, beautiful, and talented, I’d run away and join a circus.

2 thoughts on “Teatro Zinzanni

  1. Hi Margaret

    I was surfing around looking for things about me, and I found one! What a thrill! I’m so flattered, and I really like your work. I’m glad you enjoyed the show at TZ. It is for you, the people who really appreciate that kind of thing that we do it for (then there are all the others, of course – no doubt you were seated near some of them!).

    Thanks again for enjoying our show so much. Inspiring other artists is the thing I enjoy the most.

    Mat Plendl
    Teatro ZinZanni

    1. Hi Mat,
      Thanks so much for your response! I enjoyed your show like peaches. Our table was the one laughing uproariously or sitting in stunned awe at the talent and skill you guys brought to your performances.

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