A better wren, a better rider

I worked on the image from my St. Stephen’s day post, and made another, more solid watercolor sketch. I don’t have a real wren to draw, so I had to cobble together an imaginary wren from an identification book and several online photographs.

When I lived in Mexico, a little wren lived in the trees next to my house. Every day at about 2:30 she would come in through the always-open kitchen door, make a circuit of the living room (she loved the indoor garden), and after about 30 minutes she would exit through the living room door. She was quite unafraid of me and the dog, and after I caught her killing a scorpion by beating it to death on the metal window bar, I always graciously bade her welcome into my house.

Unfortunately I didn’t draw so much then, so I lost my chance to sketch that little bird. I shall have to figure out how to invite a wren to my home in California.

Debbi Kaspari, at Drawing the Motmot, has several blogs on drawing birds. Two of my favorite pages: 5 Steps to Better Bird Drawing and How to Sneak Up on Your Subject. Now if I can just get a little wren to move into my backyard…

2 thoughts on “A better wren, a better rider

  1. Ha,good luck with getting that bird in your backyard,I have really tall trees in front of my window,(I live in a building on the 3rd floor).One when it was havily raining a bird,which looked exectly like the one you draw,flew to a tree to hide in it,I took 2 photos of her and then she tuned her back to me.If you would like to see the photos I will gladly send them to you via Email 🙂

    PS:care to see my artwork posted on my blog?

  2. Wrens are the king of the birds, don’tcha know 🙂 I think this is a really sweet picture, though being a Jenny Wren myself I am not at all biased!

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