Drawing babies

Sketch of baby
Graphite, red and white chalk, Strathmore 400 Series Toned Sketch Journal, Warm Tan paper

Sunday our power went out for the whole day, so that meant no computers, no internet, none of the electronic time-wasters we’re all so used to. Even my phone lost its charge, so I was cut off from the 4g network I usually live on.

How did we pass the time?! Well, we went with some friends to a local park and had a little picnic. While we were there, I tried to sketch their new-born daughter. Babies are hard to draw, especially newborns. They lack the bone structure that an artist can use as landmarks when drawing. Their faces are all out-of-whack, proportion-wise. And even asleep, babies don’t really want to hold a long pose.

There are a lot of babies in my life right now (being of grandmotherly age—meh—I find that my younger friends are filling up their lives—and mine—with babies). So I hope to study this baby-sketching more closely.

sketch of baby
Graphite, Strathomre 400 Series Toned Sketch Journal, Warm Tan

This is an idea of a baby, not drawn from life but from what I remember and what I suppose a baby should look like. Small face, big head. I never thought I’d want to spend a lot of time with the youngest set!

Recommendation: I’m really liking the Strathmore 400 Series Toned Sketch Journal. The paper has a nice feel, the brown color doesn’t reflect sunlight and blind me when sketching outdoors, and I love the luxurious feeling of the faux-leather binding.

4 thoughts on “Drawing babies

    1. Lee-Ann, the world was definitely more quiet, in our neighborhood at least. It is amazing how much noise just the hum of all those electronics can make, as well as the steady rumble of television, radio, and people on the phone bleeding into the common sound space.

  1. I believe God put in your hand what he has put in my heart,imagination and feeling. I tried to put it on paper with Colter when he was a small baby and again with Eli; but I didn’t have the skills. I believe you do. Keep it up, I will be transmitting. I believe mother and I will be Nannies in Heaven. Love you, Sabrina.

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