Watercolor portrait: Strength

Strength Watercolor on Arches #300 © 2014 Margaret Sloan
Watercolor on Arches #300
© 2014 Margaret Sloan


My thought while I painted this portrait at Ted Nuttall’s workshop at Kowana Valley Folk School and Lodge was “strength despite frailty.” This is of my mom. She’s been very ill through out the last year, but she still is strong enough to make dinner, work in the garden, and boss us all around. She’s also quite beautiful, and was pretty nice about posing for about 500 photographs for me.

I’m thinking that I maybe made another breakthrough at the workshop. I hope so. I’m liking what I’m doing. What a delightful week that was!

If you go back to this post, you can see the tiny abstract paintings that I found in this larger work. Can you tell where they were?

But now it’s back to getting ready for Open Studios. The first weekend is May 3 and 4!

10 thoughts on “Watercolor portrait: Strength

  1. Well first off have fun at open studios and be sure to have this on hand so people can see this new style as well as your others. I can see the teachings of Ted Nuttall in your painting but with your new approach. You should be proud. I bet your mom and dad will be elated. The people I have shown this painting to love it also. Take care

    1. Thanks Juliana. I’m still working on this painting, but my goal is to get it in the frame today and start another one. I look forward to seeing yours.

    1. Maggie, she is probably thinking: I wish she’d hurry up and finish taking all these photos! Seriously, thank you for the compliment.

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