Big heart in a small package

© 2012 Margaret Sloan

I finally finished this portrait of my fiddler’s aunt (my aunt-in-law, I guess). She was a tiny thing, but her heart was as big as the world. She accepted me into the family with joy and kindness, even though she’d never before met me. She loved to feed people. She loved to be around people. She was funny, opinionated, and caring.

The yiddish in the painting says, “small hearts surround the big world.”  
I’d have to work to grow my heart to be as encompassing as hers.


6 thoughts on “Big heart in a small package

  1. Aunt Ruth would have been 96 on 10/13! What a lovely gift of rememberence this is!!
    Thank you!

  2. It’s wonderful to meet you Maggie and thank you for visiting my blog. You have some lovely work on here but I particularly like this one. So much thought and emotion captured there, wonderful painting.

    Best wishes

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