Dream Time at New Year

I don’t like to make New Year resolutions. For me, setting goals at the end of the Christmas holidays is an exercise doomed to failure. I’ve been on break, for heaven’s sake. For the last two weeks in December, the day job  was whittled down to giggly celebrations, vacation time, and three-day weekends. Visiting with family  and general laziness all ’round.

So I’m really in no position to decide on a regime of resolutions to follow in the year to come. Because when life returns to it’s normal race, I’ll fall behind on any resolutions I made during downtime.

I guess my only resolution is to keep to the usual goals: Draw. Paint. Try not to let life unhinge my self-discipline. (These goals never change.)

Instead, I dream on New Year Day. And this year, the biggest dream of all is to somehow have a painting studio. I do all my work in my living room right now. As you can see in the photo, it’s cramped, crowded, and a wreck. I have to clean it up on Sundays, so we can live in it the rest of the week. Some weeks it never gets tidied at all.

I’ve been told, put your dreams out to the Universe. Let It know what you want. So I’m going to do that, and put it out to the blogosphere. You never know what might happen.

What I wish for:

A garage, a room, a shack, near my home (this is important, because otherwise I’d probably never go to the studio).

It needs to be something that I can afford and be able to lock up when I’m not there. It should have electricity, heat, and light (Oh Universe, would a north facing window be too much to ask?). Big enough to have work table, easel, and a model stand.

There. The wish is out there. Does the Universe read blogs?