Christmas eclipse

I’m dragging this morning, because I had to stay up (wa-a-ay) past my bedtime to watch the lunar eclipse. It was the first eclipse on the solstice in nearly 400 years, and that’s got to be portentous.

I didn’t think we’d be able to see it through the storm that’s been drenching the Bay Area. But at 11 the storm abated, and the clouds thinned. The moon flitted like a shy bird behind the blue-white skeins of stratus.

We sat in the backyard with the damp wind tugging at our hair, and watched the bright silver disk get eaten by the shadow of the earth. She turned dusky orange as scraps of clouds blew across her face. Wintery Orion and Gemini, growing more brilliant as the moon dulled, stood sentinel around her, Orion with his head towards her, and the twins, Castor and Pollux, facing away. She seemed well guarded in her moment of weakness.

A plane flew between the moon and a cloud, and the jet’s shadow was projected across the scrim of cloud, looking like a giant child’s toy.

Then the storm returned, and clouds hid the moon’s face as she regained her silvery self. Tonight she’ll rise at about 5:30, unencumbered by our shadow.

Happy Solstice.

3 thoughts on “Christmas eclipse

    1. Thanks Chris. It was a very special moment, and the words nearly wrote themselves.
      I just visited your blog, and loved it. Very thoughtful and beautiful.

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