Feathered journey

The wanderings of this blog are often paths of odd connections sparked by one simple beautiful thing.

For instance, how did I decide  to write about owls in my previous post?

It started with a beautiful image by Jude Hill. I love that image, and in order to internalize it, I “interpreted” her stitched image with watercolors. Since the original image is not mine, I can’t share my interpretation with you.

But while painting that image, I remembered some feathers (I think they are from a barn owl) I found in the Sierra. So I dragged them out to make a painting of them (the fluffy part—called the after feather!—was really hard to paint. Or not paint, as the case may be). While working,  I suddenly remembered the barn owls I’d seen in the middle of Sili Valley and knew I had to tell you about it. And I  had to draw some owls.

Now my sketchbook is filled with feathers and owls, and such moonlit dreams that I have on these dark autumn nights.

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