The dreadful ghost

A comment by a friend reminded me of a song I’ve sung for years; The Dreadful Ghost. It’s a beautiful, spooky song of ghostly revenge. It’s a typical girl meets boy, boy leaves girls when she gets in trouble. But in this story, she comes back from her grave and gets him. Gets him good.

I fell in love with the song “The Dreadful Ghost” 11 years ago when I heard Debra Cowan sing it at a session in Boston. It’s not very well known; only a few singers have covered it. I eventually learned it from Dark Ships in the Forest by John Roberts & Tony Barrand, but the version I heard Debra sing is still my favorite.

I wish I could find the whole song somewhere to link to this blog. But here are the lyrics to The Dreadful Ghost, courtesy of Golden Hind Music. If you like old fashioned folk music of the English persuasion, I highly recommend you check them out.

Addendum: Last night Debra sent me a link to this song.

Thanks Debra!

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    1. Thanks Debra! I’d love to have a recording of you singing this song! You do a terrific job of it.

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