The Anti-Valentine Countdown

A whole heart can't hide the cracked shadow

Valentine’s day. Not my favorite holiday. But not my least favorite either. (That would have to be New Year’s Eve, when I feel forced by social custom to be jolly, giddy, and go out and have mindless fun. Eh.)

Normally I just sort of ignore the holiday. It’s hard to make romance fit a schedule; it either happens or it doesn’t.

Perhaps you, dear reader, are not a fan of hearts and flowers fun either. Or perhaps you have reason to dislike this holiday. So to you I give the gift of 7 days of anti-Valentine’s illustrations. One per day. I hope you enjoy them.

2 thoughts on “The Anti-Valentine Countdown

  1. Personally…not a fan. But February 14th is the 57th wedding anniversary of my parents, and of Cathy and Harold. Also it’s the 13th anniversary of my best childhood friend and her husband. So it’s not ALL bad…

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