Join me for World Watercolor Month


Somehow July has become World Watercolor Month. Charlie O’Shields from Doodlewash was the mover and shaker that started this observation. You can also learn more about it from

That’s just dandy. I love watercolor; until recently, I worked in watercolor almost exclusively. It’s a medium that’s still challenging me, even after 30 years of working with it.

I’ll be observing World Watercolor Month too, sometimes with old paintings, but more often with new. I’ll be offering some quick tutorials, and I’m planning some in-depth online courses soon. I’ll be talking about my journey through water, pigment, and paint; I hope it will be helpful to your watercolor month. If there’s something you’d like to learn about watercolors, ask me in the comments.

Antler (cropped) Watercolor on Arches #300 hot press


3 thoughts on “Join me for World Watercolor Month

  1. Maggie, are you my magic crystal watercolor ball? Woot! Beautiful work, as always, by the way. OK, so I finally tried 300# paper and I do love it. Question: how do you tear it down to get the deckled edge? Or do you cut it with a rotary cutter or some type of knife instead? Other questions I have, like when will it ever agree with me, or why why why, I shall leave for another time and place hehe.

    1. Hi Laura,
      I tear the #300 paper. I fold the paper against a long metal t-square. I fold one way, then fold the other way; eventually the paper will start to break. Then I can tear it.

      With a whole sheet of watercolor paper, I have to get the fiddler to help me.

      You gave me an idea for a video! Thanks.

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