Cutting frustration with three tiny abstracts


This morning I woke up full of things to post on this blog. I had it all: advice, musings, even a joke or two. I was a regular genius.

Then came the dreaded login snafu. Forgot my password; reset it; failed to log in. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. 3 times.


Clearly the password gods finally smiled with benevolence and opened the gates to my blog, but now I’m all sweaty and worn out and I have to move on to other deeds of the day. So I’m posting just a few crops of a painting I’m working on recently, with a small bit of advice.

I like to think of all the bits of my paintings as small abstracts that work together to make a whole portrait. I like the interest that it gives to the surface. Rather than making a smooth, flat wash for a large plane, I try to create texture within that plane by using edges, lost and found, and subtle value changes.