A Halloween sketch and a scary story

Watercolor painting after Reeling for the Empire by Karen Russell

Happy Halloween!

This is a watercolor sketch I made  while  listening to an audio version of Reeling for the Empire by Karen Russell (it’s part of her recent collection of short stories, Vampires in the Lemon Grove.) It’s one of the creepiest stories I’ve heard in ages, and I suggest you make a Samhain trip to your local bookstore (I hope you still have a local bookstore) and find this book, if only for this story.  I loved all of the stories, but this is the one that made my skin go all goose-fleshy, and so this makes it a perfect tale to read on Halloween.

I’ll not tell you what it’s about—there are plenty of spoilers in cyberspace—but I really think that, if you like unusual, odd and sometimes creepy stories, you’re going to like this book.

Painting of girl
Detail: Kitsune

Young girls in peril…

Silkworm moth
Detail: Silkworm moth

And bugs.

What could be scarier?


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