A gift to say thank you


I want to say thank you to my  readers for reading my posts and commenting. I love to hear from you; a comment from you makes me smile all day. And I want to give you something in return.

I recently had business cards made at moo.com. These cards are slightly bigger than most normal business cards (they’re 2.15″ x 3.30″, which, as it turns out, is the size of a credit card), and very pretty. Totally suited to framing in a tiny frame. There are three styles, as you can see in the picture above.

To the first 6 commentors to this post, I will send you two sets of business cards (that’s 6 cards, two of each style). One set for you to keep and one set for you to give away.

Of course, after you comment, you’ll have to email me your postal address so I can mail them to you. Don’t put your postal address in the comment section!

You can email me at mockingbirdatmidnight *AT* gmail.com.

6 thoughts on “A gift to say thank you

  1. Lovely cards. As always, I love your work. I especially enjoy your quote, “Painting and drawing and playing tunes are the things that make life real, They are what makes my life matter.” I try and read this every day and I struggle with my own creativity.

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