These days

The fiddler and main computer guy of the house finally convinced me to back up my computer, so I’m trying out the mythical cloud storage route. Now my trusty little laptop is occupied with the upload that never ends, and I’m reduced to the fiddler’s old machine that, a few months ago, came out on the wrong side of a tussle with a cup of coffee. Not all the keys work all of the time. I don’t hold that against it, but it does make it hard to type.

I’m feeling better from the walk-in-the-park-from-heck surgery, and am back to the day job and doing some painting. Paul Fox’s Habit Building forum really helped me get back into a groove. I know I’m establishing a habit of taking out the sketchbook or paints in the evening, even if I’m a wee bit too tired to do much actual drawing or painting. But without much work, I don’t write many blogs

But I have been enjoying the blogs of others. Painter Keven McEvoy has written a lovely sweet blog about the Four Ages of Man and the power of a portrait. James Gurney has a link to a neat old movie about Hollywood matte painter Peter Ellenshaw. Sue Favinger Smith (who is really a terrific landscape painter) talks about the importance of learning to draw, and offers links to several sites with photos of models for you to draw. And Matthew D. Innis has gifted the blogosphere with a look at the paintings of Michael Klein (both are painters of a quality to which I can only aspire).