Painting with the Masters

I’m re-entering regular life after spending three days at Artist’s Magazine’s Weekend with the Masters. It was amazing to spend time learning from some of the top realistic painters in America today. My head is swimming with information—too much to regurgitate here—but I want to share a few tips that were hammered home by the three painters I heard lecture.

  • Concept and composition are the most important things. You can be a good draftsperson, but unless you have a good concept and composition, you’re just a good draftsperson.
  • Get the value and color right, then ask yourself, is it more blue, red, or yellow?
  • You have to really look at your subject, and really see the colors that are there.
  • To be a good painter, it takes time behind the brush. Lots of time. Lots and lots of time. Lots and lots and lots of time. (Having a good teacher doesn’t hurt you either.)
  • You have to flat-out love to paint. Because that’s the only way you’re going to spend the time needed to become a good painter.

It was a brilliant, exhausting weekend, and I wish I could still be there painting!

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4 thoughts on “Painting with the Masters

    1. Thank Chris! And back at you: I love reading about your adventures on the North Coast–the true home of my heart.

    1. Andy,
      Art is art, and I think in any medium we all are swimming our way through the same murky artistic waters.

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