So says the Buddha cat

I just realized I accidentally posted my previous post. It wasn’t quite ready; I meant to include pictures of my drawings, but in my early morning fog I must have clicked “Publish” instead of “Save Draft.”

And because WordPress has a new feature that offers outward-bound links based on words in your posting; and because I usually check those links to see if they might be Links Of Interest; and because when you check links out, WordPress automatically attaches them to your post, I did not notice that I had included a link to a story about a guy who tried multiple drugs, then painted his portrait while high on each substance. (I do  NOT find his work compelling, although some museum will probably pick them up and make much of them as modern art. I’m not going to relink to this story. If you must read it, you’ll have to scroll down to find it.)

People! Do NOT try to emulate him! Your brain, as thundery or as sunny as it is, whatever the weather going on in your skull, is a marvelous system. Sometimes, if your mind is too stormy, doctors can help  calm the cranial waters in your skull. But on your own? Nevernevernever mess with your inner climate. Not for fun, not for sorrow, and certainly not when picking up a pencil or a paintbrush!

Dear readers, proceed clearly, do not cloud the mind. Art is learning to see, clearly and truthfully. Sometimes that hurts. Sometimes it’s just boring. But let your work be yours, and yours alone.