We all need to get a Flying Pig

Blogger  Ricë Freeman-Zachary, at the Voodoo Lounge, once again kicked me into gear, right before a long weekend, with her post about flying pigs. If you’re an artist having trouble getting to work, I suggest you read that post. Read it now.

On that long weekend away from my day job, I had lots of time to paint and draw. Sure, I could have spent the whole long weekend watching movies, or reading chick-lit fiction, or surfing the internet (and I did actually do some of that).

But for most of the weekend, I heeded Ricë’s flying pig, the one that said, “It’s your life. You choose,” and I sat at my little drawing table and painted.

One of the things I made was the silly comic at the end of this post (you can click on it to make it bigger). I admit to having loved comics when I was a kid; I still love them, although they’re of more grown up fare now, and usually I loftily call them graphic novels. I’ve had ideas for them rolling around in my brain for some time, but had a dozen reasons why I couldn’t do it.

Bless this blogger Ricë. I don’t know her from beans. I’ll probably never meet her. But I read her blog every morning, loved her book Creative Time and Space. Sometimes, along with making me laugh so hard I snort coffee out of my nose, she inspires me to get to work. Such is the power of the internet.

Some pig.