Better places to be

Año Nuevo Beach

Today I woke up, still tired, and slightly depressed. The day ahead looks long and boring, and while that’s usually a good thing (it means no tremendous drama), sometimes I think my life is getting a little too boring.

I also woke up thinking about my favorite blog, Into the Hermitage, by artist Rima, who is a working artist in England. She used to live in a wonderful wheeled house, and blogged about her adventures. Now she lives in a wonderful English village, all thatchy and thick white walls. I hopped over to her site and found that she had posted about a successful selling at a wonderful fair. Good news from a wonderful artist.

We anglophiles tend to fantasize about the British Isles, filling our dreams with romantic images such as the ones Rima posts in her blog.

I posted these paintings, made last summer on a wonderful wild day on the coast, to remind myself (and any other Californians who are dreaming of other worlds) of the fantasy of our lives here on the California coast. Año Nuevo is only a short drive away, easily accessible. It’s not as medieval and thatchy as Britain, but it’s wild and beachy.

Año Nuevo Headlands

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