Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day

Beekeepers and the bees who love them

This post was meant to commemorate a better holiday than V-Day. That would be St. Modomnac’s Day. But that was yesterday (February 13), and I’m a day late.


St. Modomnac is credited with bringing bees to Ireland, when they kept following him about. I’m all for anybody bringing bees anywhere. And since bees are often credited with being able to scope out mean nasty people, I think they’d make a good warning for a girl. If your bees don’t like your guy, then I’d say he’s not the Valentine for you. (I’d trust bees intuition over that of my dog or cat, because they pretty much liked anyone who would pet them.)

And lest anyone out there should think this post is in anyway autobiographical, let me hasten to say that there is a bouquet of roses on my kitchen table, and a pot of tea sweetened with honey that I’m going to share right now. And yes, he’s been out to my bees and passed the bee test.

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