The theatre of Steampunk


What is Steampunk? It’s a hard question to answer.

The  underlying story/fantasy behind Steampunk is a future that never was, full of cool clothing, sprockets and gears, wheels, and mechanical engines. It’s theatre, pure theatre.

Airships powered by magical steam ply the skies. Horse-drawn buggies plod along next to whizzing locomotives. Science thrusts satin-skirted ladies (full of buxom adventure) into the arms of mad scientists. Gentlemen (and women) adventurers explore new worlds;  they study new species of plants, animals, and people.

Steampunk is  a place where people can have wings.


My favorite part of the whole convention (besides the costumes) was the “radio show” put on by the folks at Studio Foglio, publishing house for and creators of the online comic,  Girl Genius. What fun that was! It was sort of a reader’s theater. I love radio shows, but this was even more fun to see the folks doing the lines. What a bunch of hams. .

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  1. Other than Verne, the first I saw of steampunk was Girl Genius, and now I think I’m going to have to go read more!

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