A portrait painter comes to town

Portrait by Kevin McEvoy
Oil portrait by Kevin McEvoy

Caveat: I did not paint the above portrait. It was painted by a friend, Kevin McEvoy.

Last week one of my favorite painter/bloggers, Kevin McEvoy, came to town.

I’ve been following his blog for a while, enchanted by his writing about his deep spiritual commitment to painting, his family, and to life. Plus, he plays Irish fiddle.

So when he blogged that he was coming to California, I was eager to meet the person who was at the other end of the keyboard.

Yes, I know,  contacting someone off blog and meeting them in person can be a scary thing. But so far the few other bloggers I’ve met have been wonderful.  And Kevin’s words and his paintings had an authentic ring to them; after reading  this post and seeing this painting, I couldn’t believe he’d be a bad guy.

And he wasn’t! He and his wife and their friends were delightful. It was such a pleasure to meet them, see his paintings in person (they’re wonderful) and have some tunes with Kevin.  And then, best of all, he asked the fiddler to pose for a demonstration painting. And he gave us the painting!