Monday morning melancholia


Photo by Joanna Ebenstein

As the Christmas season winds to a close, I’m feeling a little sad as my long awaited Christmas visitors prepare to fly back to their homes, and I return to the daily routine.

It seemed fitting this morning, while surfing the internet, to find—through Lisa Falzon’s lovely blog—the site Anatomical Theatre.  The photos by Joanna Ebenstein are of anatomical models made from wax and wood. To be honest, there are a few specimens that look like preserved human remains too. So if these kinds of things bother you, please don’t follow the link.

Lisa says in her blog:

Sad things are beautiful, and beautiful things are sad.

I find that is often true, and no more true at this time of year when winter, although still upon us, is dying a green death as the California grasses push their way into spring.