Open Studios Profile: Brian Corral

Only two more weeks until  Silicon Valley Open Studios. I’d like to introduce you to another artist I’ll be exhibiting with, Brian Corral.  Brian’s work, in oil and acrylic, is bright and colorful, and full of swirling motion. He paints the human form in all it’s exciting grace and beauty, as well as abstracts.

Goal 40"x30" Oil  © 2014 Brian Corrall
40″x30″ Acrylic on canvas
© 2014 Brian Corral

Describe your artistic journey

I’m always seeking out a better connection to people. My early work was in traditional portraiture, but I always wanted my paintings to show more than what my commissioner looked like.  That was 10 years ago. Now I am painting the energy around and within people while still capturing their likeness and I find it much more invigorating

Where has art taken you in life?

After living in the shade of the Blue Ridge Mountains were most artist focus on the abundant and beautiful landscape, I branched out along the East Coast looking for a wider introduction to people and societies. For the last 3 years I have lived in London and exhibited my Olympic related work. The theme of unity and diversity along with the celebration of the human spirit matches my work well. Now I am living in the Bay Area and looking for more connections to humanity.   

What do you think about when you begin painting?

When I paint I become what I am painting. I dance, jump, play and fly. It’s a little harder to do with my smaller paintings but luckily I have a good imagination.

Let’s Dance
30″x40″ Acrylic on canvas
© 2014 Brian Corral

Tell me about one of your favorite paintings or drawings that you’ve made. Why is it your favorite?

Let’s Dance is one of my favorite paintings. For most of my work there is a singular actor that drives the color, motion and energy, but for this one I was influenced by the couples dancing at a wedding. I drew on my travel pad for hours and the painting kept me enthralled for a long time. For similar reasons I also enjoyed working on Goal. The sketches for this painting were made during my first private invite to watch the World Cup. Of course I was in England at the time; England was playing the US, and I was the only American at the festivities. 

If you could ask one question of an artist you admire, who would it be, and what would you ask?

It’s difficult for me ask only one question so I think I would cheat a little. I would ask, “Do you want to go grab a drink… tea, coffee or something stronger?” I have found that after that question you get a host of answers to questions you haven’t ever thought of. 

You can see more of Brian’s work at www.bybriansalcorral

Brian Corral will be exhibiting on May 3-4  at 1191 Sherman Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025