Support your local music camp

I grew up in a time when the arts were richly supported by our school systems, and frankly, on some days my art classes were the only reason I went to high school at all. And I thank the Universe every single day of my life for those early exposures to art and music.

But arts programs these days? Not so much. Arts programs in schools have really suffered, and have left private and semi-private organizations to try to fill the gap. But many are struggling to provide services badly needed by kids who just can’t afford them.

Last week I received an email from the Teen Celtic Music Camp in Santa Cruz.

As many of you know, every year we hold a teen Celtic music camp up in
Boulder Creek, CA.  All info here:
This will be our 11th year, and it is totally fun and awesome.  We
have lots of testimonials!

Many students want to go, and we try to make it as inexpensive as
possible.  We are the cheapest music camp around, but still it’s hard
for lots of folks who are just scraping by.  The camp we rent has in
the past charged us $125 per student, but just upped it to $165 per
student for the room and board.  We are happy to give many
scholarships in-kind and for trade, and our teachers are patient with
large classes, but we need real money for the boarding expense.

So we have asked that, if you feel so moved, you might go to the
website above and click our sponsor a camper button, which will take
you to PayPal where you can enter an amount to support a teen camper
at this year’s overnight Celtic music camp.  You can also of course
send a check to Community Music School, P. O. Box 531, Santa Cruz, CA

This camp does great things. Some former campers have gone on to be amazing musicians, and all have learned a language that they can speak with other musicians for the rest of their lives. And it’s keeping the music alive in the hearts of the young. And I hope that it’s giving kids a place where it’s safe to be their own artistic, creative selves.

I don’t donate to many causes, but I intend to donate to this one.

Readers, is there a camp or program in your area that needs some assistance, financial or otherwise? I hope you’ll think about giving what you are able to give.