Sparkly paints

In yesterday’s post, I said I didn’t know how I would use Daniel Smith’s Luminescent paints. Then I remembered a painting I had abandoned; it wasn’t working out for me and the colors had gotten muddy and murkey. So I decided to push it with some glitter paint.

I glazed over the top blue sky in the painting with Iridescent Electric Blue, and the across the bottom section with bands of Iridescent Sunstone, Duo Cactus Flower, and Iridescent Sapphire. You can see the matte area in the center strip where I didn’t use any luminescent paint.

It did help this painting immensely, and satisfied my inner 5-year-old, who believes anything can be improved with glitter. It added depth to the dull colors. I must find a better Indanthrone blue, or mix a replacement for it. recommends:

“It [Indanthrone blue] is closely matched by many mixtures of dark blue and red, for example phthalo blue (PB15) with quinacridone violet (PV19) or quinacridone maroon (PR206). These mixtures are comparably as dark as PB60 and do not show as large a drying shift.”

So, glitter on! I wonder how long the effect lasts. Does it eventually tarnish or darken? Anyone know?

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