Who is Roz Stendahl and why is she on my blog?

I’ve never met Roz Stendahl. All I know is she braids her hair, draws a lot, and wears comfortable clothing in case she’s ever chased by spies. And she writes one of my favorite blogs, Roz Wound Up, from one of those hot-or-cold (they get snow!) northern states. Minnesota.

Not content to be chased by only spies, Roz has devised a  “cunning plan” to be chased by handmade journal-craving artists who happen to be in that odd steamy-or-icy land Roz calls home. All so that she, Roz, can infiltrate their sketchbooks, populate their pages, and live forever in Tombow Brushpen infamy on artists’ studio shelves everywhere.

If you can spot Roz in Minnesota (or wherever she happens to be) and sketch her in your sketchbook, you can have the chance to win a very cool looking handmade journal with extinct Dewint paper. Just click on the “Draw Roz” button on the left hand side of the page for more information.

Me? Although I crave that journal, it’s true that I live far from Minnesota. I’ve never been to Minnesota in my life, although I admit a fascination with that exotic sounding state (did I mention they get snow!). Perhaps someday I’ll visit and get my chance to spot Roz and immortalize her in my journal pages.

But for now, I, too,  get a chance to win a different journal, one with readily available paper, but never the less, a handmade journal. Simply by posting this blog.

Neat, huh?

2 thoughts on “Who is Roz Stendahl and why is she on my blog?

  1. Maggie, thanks for joining in the project and for jumping right in and creating a button (I still have to make one!)

    Just a quick point, my blog name isn’t Roz Unwound. Some days I wish it were because that would mean I’m laid back.

    The blog is actually called Roz Wound Up. (Which is much more descriptive of my life.)

    Oh, and I have BROWN EYES—but I only mention that because someone else who has never met me drew a picture of me last April and she gave me blue eyes. I must just sound as if my eyes are blue!

    Thanks for participating in spreading the word!

    1. Yikes! You’re right! I fixed that wound up-unwound error!
      Sorry about the blue eyes. I’ll fix that directly.

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