Last night’s fun

Tombow brush pen drawing of Athena, done in the dark without my glasses. But I caught the gesture of the way she plays, almost like dancing with her beautiful five-string fiddle.

We saw Mick Maloney and Athena Turgis last night. Mick, Irish musician and musicologist, has woven research into the early days of music theater, and the influences and collaborations of Irish immigrants and Jewish immigrants. He’s put it all together in a cd and show called If it wasn’t for the Irish and the Jews.

I recommend the show. The history is fascinating, the Tin Pan Alley songs are compelling (if a little weird to our 21st century ears), and the fiddle and banjo playing of Athena and Mick are over-the-moon wonderful.

They’re at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley tonight. Get there if you can.