Falling water

This is not really California. It's New York state, where it rained a good chunk of time while we were there last fall. I didn't mind; rain was a novelty for me.

It seems that today marks the day that our long stretch of rainy weather has ended. If the golden state of Calfornia is true to form, the sky will be blue (or yellow with smog) until November or December.  This kind of weather makes a lot of folks happy.

But not me. Not so much. I find the cloudless blue skies, day after day, get to be monotonous. Boring. They depress me as much as endless gray days. I like the weather to change. It reminds me there is a roof of a sky overhead, and not just endless blue space.

This hills are brilliant green right now, almost blindingly green. But they won’t be for long. Already the prediction is for 70 degrees by the end of the week. And hot weather won’t be far behind. That will dry up our hills so that they look like brown furry animals by June. By September they’ll be nearly gray, with dark clumps where the live oaks grow.

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