Mikado redux

I just received a little note from Paul Sinasohn, the actor who sang the role of the Mikado in the short, funny, and sweet version I saw and sketched at the Great Dickens Fair.  He was also the stage manager. He sent me the names of the other actors I sketched.

So here they are, to get their fair notice:

The Lord High Executioner (Ko-ko) was played by Lee Presson, of Lee Presson and the Nails, the jump-swing band from hell (really from the Bay Area). From what I can tell from their videos, they have a pretty high-energy show. (it’s a little frenetic and racy. Maybe you wouldn’t want to take your mother-I wouldn’t want to take my mother. But then again, I could  have kids old enough to see this show, so I take it back. Watch their videos. Maybe your mother would really like them.) Lee Presson has some nice Cab Calloway moves. I’m going to have to get to one of their shows.

Yum-Yum was Erin Balabanian. You can listen to her podcasts about science fiction, steampunk, and knitting at Brassneedles.

Nanki-Poo was Miguel Evangelista, a local singer and actor.