Musician’s party


Today we’re going to a musician’s party, and I thought this drawing was a nice illustration of that most enjoyable diversion.

The drawing is  homework I never finished this spring at the Atelier. Maestro Rob wants me to finish it and submit it to a student show he’s having. There’s no guarantee that it will get accepted, but them’s the breaks. And it’s good to have a deadline that will make me finish it. After I finish posting, I’ll get to work on it.

The assignment was to take a master drawing, copy it, and put yourself in it. Vermeer painted the girl with the guitar. And there I am in the background. It’s been challenging to figure out the same lighting, where I’d sit in the composition, and the hairstyle and dress of the time.

All of this and think of color temperature too! The light source is cool, so that means:

  • Highlights : Warm
  • Stronglights : Cool
  • Midtones : Warm
  • Shadow edge : Cool
  • Shadow : Warm

This seems simple in theory. But in practice, I have to really think hard and make real choices (as opposed to just going with intuition). And all this with a limited palette of colors. It’s a good exercise, and I’m learning a lot.