Life gets in the way

Tombow brush pen that's been smeared with a waterpen
Tombow brush pen that's been smeared with a waterpen

When I can get away from the day job, I go to the park at lunch and sketch. I draw the moms and their kids as they do the same summer thing I did with my mom in the same park many years ago. (Yeah, this is Silicon Valley, so some of the kids are with their nannies—kinda sad when you think about it. We were poor, but Mom was available almost everyday to take us to the park.) Boy, do I wish for those endless summer days of having nothing to do but play.

In a sense, I am on summer vaction now. Since classes finished I’ve been concentrating on socializing, since I get darn little of it during the school year. I’ve been catching up on seeing friends I haven’t seen in a long time,  hiking at Año Nuevo State Natural Reserve, and hanging out with my family. Blogging has taken a back seat.

momsinpark-1After my disastrous Every Day in May experiment, in which I attempted to post every day and instead ended up stressed and snappy from the pressure,  I decided that it wasn’t worth it.  Blogging was taking away time from actually painting and drawing. I’m not read to give up the blogosphere, but the everyday blog-a-gig isn’t going to happen for me while I’m juggling life as if I were a clown in Cirque du Soleil.

So for now, I’m drawing like crazy, and thinking about  my project next year at the Atelier. I keep a journal handy along with a pen so I can draw when I find a few spare minutes. I manage to play some tunes now and then.