Empty nest

Watercolor on Arches Hotpress watercolor block
Watercolor on Arches Hotpress watercolor block

One of the sad parts about life is saying goodby to people you love. This summer has been especially hard.  Two friends leave the area (going first on an excellent adventure, then to settle in the Pacific Northwest). And my two beloved neices left for college (also in the Pacific Northwest—is there a trend here?). I know that they are all doing exactly what they need to be doing, but that doesn’t fill that hollow space in my heart.

I know that I can go see them. In theory. But finding the time…that’s nearly impossible. Still, I’ll have to do it.

2 thoughts on “Empty nest

    1. We’ll be coming north lots, to see the Seattle niece, and to see you’se guys. Ah, but Eureka—been homesick lately. Perhaps an Irish music meet-up in Old Town?

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