We all scream for ice cream

IceCreamToday I’ve posted a painting of an ice cream cone, because the news has promised us a hot day—into the 90s, which is not hot for some places, but for the Bay Area, it’s brutal. I hate hot weather, but I do love the excuse for ice cream.

It’s early in the morning right now, and the birds are also telling us about the coming heat. There’s chatter and song from outside the window. A mockingbird is singing, but without any melody right now. Just a lot of squirrel sounds and chuck-a-lucking. Little birds are singing “piu … piu.” Noisy birds in the morning often portend a hot day.

The atelier will be hot today. The models won’t need a heater. We’ll all be drenched in sweat by the afternoon. But it will be worth it. Just to spend the day drawing.