Every day in May

everyday_smallI ran across an internet challenge called Every day in May on a blog called French Toast Girl. You are supposed to do something creative every day during the month of May. Some people post their results to a  Flickr site.

I generally do something creative every day. It’s my job! But I’m going to take French Toast Girl’s challenge, or invitation, or whatever she’s calling it, and I’m going to try to post something to this blog every day in May. I know not how, or if I’ll make it to the end of the month, or if all the posts will be useful or even interesting. They may not be.

I’m a little late on the upswing (as usual). I’m not an early adopter, learn about things way late, and am usually dragged kicking and screaming into new technology. Which I then adopt ferociously. Good Lord, wait until I figure out Twitter!

This counts as a post. Right? Right. Ready, set, go!