White rabbit, White rabbit

White rabbit<br /> <i>watercolor</i>
White rabbit

It’s late—three days after the fact—to talk about saying white rabbits on May day. But this year, I remembered to say them. Woke up at 5 a.m., turned around 3 times, saying white rabbit each time I turned. Supposed to bring me money, or good luck, I can’t remember which. I’d be happy with either windfall.

Already my luck’s been good-one of my favorite clients called unexpectedly, wanting a massage.

A friend taught me this superstition years ago. She was from England, so I figured she should know from charms. Some people say them on the first day of any month, but May day was the most important day for white rabbits, she said.

I always take May day off from work. On Friday I painted a rabbit as well. This white hare is burly enough to grant some good luck, I think.

2 thoughts on “White rabbit, White rabbit

  1. Your white rabbit is lovely. The pink eye does it. I also like the background and overall softness. Thanks for the tip about white rabbit and luck.

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