Friday Harbor Irish Music Camp

Fiddlers at a session
Fiddlers at a session

What a way to ring in Saint Patrick’s Day. We spent a week at the Friday Harbor Irish Music Camp on San Juan Island. It was brilliant. These drawings were done one night during a session, in dim light, while the music was rocking along.

I didn’t get much drawing done at the camp. It was too exciting to draw; the music, wild and free, trapped me, and so I just played music, pretty solidly, for six days. Art took a fiddle class from Liz Kane, and a music theory class from Randal Bays. I took flute classes from Catherine McEvoy, one of my favorite flute players. I fell in love with my flute all over again.

Catherine McEvoy playing the flute. She looks demure, but her music is powerful.
Catherine McEvoy playing the flute. She looks demure, but her music is powerful and strong. Not ladylike at all.

For the last few years, I haven’t been playing music much,  concentrating instead on painting, and so I had fallen out of the groove of playing. But a week of music brought it back: how much I love the music, love playing my flute. Don’t know how I’m going to balance music with painting, and still go to my day job.

If you haven’t heard of Catherine McEvoy, check out this video. She’s amazing.

5 thoughts on “Friday Harbor Irish Music Camp

  1. I love the picture of Catherine McEvoy. I admire your courage to draw in a session….. I frequently want to, but am torn between wanting to play and wanting to draw. Furthermore, I’m intimidated by drawing in a session!!! Well done you!

    1. Thanks! I’m working on a painting of her right now.
      I’m intimidated by drawing at sessions too, especially if I know the players. So I go to sessions where I don’t know anyone. Then I can hide in a corner and draw.

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